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Around Australia

Sid's 32,000km motorbike trip around Australia during the Covid lockdown is documented in his TikTok channel.


During the covid lockdowns, no one could travel and the world was mostly stuck indoors. I wanted to keep people connected to nature and to the therapeutic aspects of being inspired by the natural world through digital entertainmening and educational tour around Australia.

motorbike tent camp


Over 12 months, we traveled 32,000km, through 8 states/territories, gained 1 million followers, and filmed over 350 videos covering geology, culture, plants, animals, and history.

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 4.55.23 pm.png


Through meeting followers along the journey and receiving messages from people around the world. The stories of appreciation and support gave an insight into how the trip had changed lives and helped people stay positive and be inspired when everything seemed almost too much to bear in lock-down.


This was a successful mission; and has opened doors and sparked imaginations for more adventures around the world.


Interactive Map of Journey

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