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  • Where will you pick me up and drop me off?
    I will be able to pick you up/drop you off anywhere within the CBD of the cities the tours begin and end in. It must be within the CBD limits. If you are located on the exact path the tour is on either entering or exiting the city, it may be possible to arrange a custom location. If you're staying outside this area, you will need to arrange transport to a pick-up or drop-off location with the city limits. I can help you organise this.
  • Will we have somewhere to charge our phones/cameras?
    Yes indeed. We will have access to charging points everyday generally. There will also be an inverter (charger) in the bus. It is highly recommended that you do bring a decent sized battery pack with you to make sure you do have that extra option, especially on the bus when everyone wants to use the chargers at the same time!
  • What is a swag?
    A swag is essentially a 'bed roll'. It's a water resistant canvas bag with a mattress inside. The swags we use are 'touring' swags, which are a little smaller and more durable than your average modern swag. These are designed and manufactured in Alice Springs and are the type and brand that every decent desert tour company uses. They don't look like much, but generally people sleep better in these on the desert sands than they do in their own bed. True story.
  • How extreme is the tour? Do I need to be super fit?
    Not necessarily. It's recommended you are in a state of reasonable fitness to do the walks. But, I've had amputees, 80 year olds and injured people on the tours before who have managed quite well to complete the tour. Every where we go and everything we do will have an element that will be able to be customised. As long as your spirit is strong and you're happy to take alternative, shorter walks, there are no real strenuous activities involved. Having said that, if you're up for the adventure and the physical effort, the walks and activities included in the tours will be enough to keep you entertained and fit.
  • Who is in your team?
    All the filming, editing, marketing, scripting, logistics, media, business setup and running of tours has been a solo mission up to this point. I've had some good advice and support from a few 'followers' and tour participants, but apart from that and my sister helping me to design the website, it's just me.
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