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What to expect 

on your tour with Sid...


Desert tours will make use of 21 seater buses. Either Mitsubishi Rosa or Toyota Coaster. 

Great Ocean tours will use of  an 11 seat Toyota Hiace.

Both trips we'll be towing a trailer behind us. 



This is an outdoor adventure tour! Most of our night times will be around a campfire with our swags.

Large tents are on hand in case the weather decides to turn.


Group Participation

Team work makes the dream work!

This is very much an interactive participation adventure. The more a group works together to acheive the goals, the better the tour will be.


The Gear

We carry everything with us on these trips, so we can be self sufficient in any location. 

Swags, food, kitchen, water, first aid.  

Everything is packed in the bus and trailer.


The most important part of the tour! 

It's important to remain aware of the laws of physics while on your adventure. 

Sid is a qualified medical technitian and has an excellent record of scaring people before they hurt themselves. 



The second most importand part of a tour!

There's a large emphasis on enjoying  a wide variety of delicious food during the tour. 

All dietary requirements are accomodated for. 


The fine print

There are some things you need to know:

  • All tours are age-restricted: 18+

  • Reasonable fitness is required

  • These are camping tours (swags/tents)

  • It's an interactive hands-on experience at camp 

  • They will probably change your life

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