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Why we tour

Is it the natural wonders? The adventure? Gaining a deeper understanding of how nature works? Connecting to the oldest living culture? Enjoying the company of like-minded people? The therapeutic value?

Or is it the bad jokes, great music, and amazing food?

It's all of this... and more.

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Not your average tour

Each trip is customised on a group and individual basis, which is one of the factors that makes the experience so unique and memorable. 

The itinerary is always a 'guideline'.

It is the intention (and guarantee) with every tour, that everyone gets what they need from the adventure and in turn, finishes the tour happier, healthier, and sexier than when they started. 

More than a tour

In today's busy digital world, it is all too easy to lose that healthy connection to nature and to good people.

Over the years, I have seen countless travelers on my tours rediscover their inspiration, joy, and passion for life, others, and the natural world.

This has by far, been the most rewarding aspect of running tours since 2009 as well as the reason for starting digital content during covid.

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